Upgrading Characteristic Lump Economy to Modern Industry Cluster

Date:2013-02-23 11:08:27 click:910

During the past 30 years of reform and opening, pump and valve industry in Yongjia County has changed very fast. It changed from “low grade, small scale and scattered distribution” to an era of famous brand economy. It established regional brand and gained the fame as the production base for pumps and valves with largest scale, biggest output, most complete types and most concentrated enterprises in China. It is the most glaring pearl among the 16 characteristic industries in Wenzhou City. In 2007, the production value of pump and valve industry reached around 2 billion USD. During January to October of 2008, the production value has reached 2 billion USD already, which realized annual increase by over 30%. It dominated 30% of domestic market share in China. On December 10, 2008, Associate Director of Economic and Trade Commission of Zhejiang Province Mr. Du Shiyuan came to Yongjia pump and valve industrial Zone with his colleagues to investigate and research the topic: Upgrading Characteristic Lump Economy to Modern Industry Cluster and mainly visited BTL. Chairman of BTL Mr. Huang Shengfeng reported the overall situation of company economy at present time, made analysis to the influence to be brought by lump economic development and especially analyzed the change of industry survival factors and developing modes as well as strategy for lump economic development. As for the impact by financial crisis to lump economic development and the developing prosperity of company, Mr. Huang holds an optimistic attitude after analysis of market demand. Mr. Huang believes, enterprises should be active in preparation for expansion when the entire industry is currently in recession. We should pay much attention to R&D, management, product quality and wait for chance to expand. Seize both domestic and overseas market and think of ways to realize a new round of development for company.
As an entrepreneur and Minister of Yongjia County Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Mr. Wang Xiaoxiong extended his proposal for provincial dept to help upgrading lump economy at the conference. Associate Director Mr. Du Shiyuan believes that pump and valve is an industry of bright prospects and so is the development of lump economy. Mr. Du points out we should view the future of pump and valve at a strategic level and focus on the development of lump economy at a higher level. For this purpose, government should better service and adjustment, make creative plans and timely support. At the meanwhile, enterprises should also pay great attention on demand tendency, seize commercial opportunity for a better development. Mr. Du noted that China has invested 588.3 billion USD in project construction for people’s livelihood which will promote domestic demand and economic increase. China aims at speeding the process of urbanization by heavy and chemical industries. It will be the main trend for future 3-5 years to focus on modernization of infrastructure, energy-saving and pursuing of famous brand with low energy consumption. Mr. Du emphasizes that mechanical industry should make certain of the direction of industry upgrading, insist on advanced science and technology, realize professional production via merger, reorganization and optimizing, so as to maintain sustainable development.
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