BTL Attending the 7th China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (Shanghai)

Date:2014-10-20 11:14:04 click:1688

The 7th China International Fluid Machinery exhibition (Shanghai) 2014 was held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition from 15th to 17th Oct. In the exhibition, BTL Valve Group showed the latest and most cutting-edge product, along with excellent propaganda and advertising promotion, which made BTL become a highlight in the exhibition.  

This fluid exhibition presented several features, not only a centralized platform of famous enterprises from fluid and valve industry, but also a big booth of good products. The exhibition displayed more than 1,000 kinds of products, about 3,000 models, high-tech and professional, showing the concept of “green energy, innovation and development”, while taking on three characteristics, which is “new, large, high”. It showcased domestic and overseas fluid machinery, latest products and technology of valves, promoting enterprises to explore foreign markets efficiently.

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