Boteli Valve Group Co.,Ltd. Organizing winter fire drills

Date:2014-10-20 11:15:19 click:2072

On the afternoon of October 18th, under the organization of office of company affairs and office of security  of Boteli Valve Group Co.,Ltd, fire drills were carried out in the production system of the company. Through  presentations and field exercises, company employees were taught how to use fire-fighting equipment and how  to deal with fire emergencies, thus effectively enhancing abilities to fire prevention and response.

In order for the 2014 winter fire drills to be carried out successfully, office of security did all the  detailed preparation work in advance, including confirmation of scheme, preparation of interpretation  materials and fire-fighting equipment. Before started, office of security also sent staff to investigate the  designated fire-drill sites to ensure orderly and practical effects.

Yang Hailong, head manager and office of company affairs, elaborated instructions and skills on fire  safety,prevention and suppression . He also demonstrated how to use fire extinguisher correctly.

In subsequent drills, personnel involved used fire extinguishers to put out fire for themselves. Through the  fire drill, company staff mastered fire safety common sense and regular skills of fire extinguishment. It  also further enhanced their fire safety awareness and fire-fighting abilities, thus laying a solid foundation  for fire prevention and safety and achieving desired aims.

In the end of fire drill, production vice manager Zhang Zhiliang made a speech of summary.  He put forward  five requirements on fire safety and prevention. In the meantime, he hoped that fire drills could further  enhance employees’  "Four abilities” on fire safety, fire safety awareness and fire-fighting skills.

It is reported that Boteli Valve Group Co.,Ltd.  tightened company policies on work safety. In order to  enhance work safety, the company will carry out the following ten safety policies in 2015:

1. Investigate and eliminate hidden dangers in work safety once a week
2. Edit a bulletin board on safety production every two months
3. Hold a regular meeting and symposium on safety production every three months
4. Hold a training session on safety production every six month
5. Organize a fire drill
6. Hold a report and analysis meeting on safety production
7. Hold an exchange meeting in forms of “Going out and taking in”
8. Hold a knowledge contest about safety production
9. Hold a mutual investigation on safety production 
10.Hold a awarding ceremony on safety production

All of the above-mentioned measures are a powerful mix of policies on safety production for building up a  harmonious and safe corporation, providing the safety "net” and “firewall” for corporation transformation and upgrading.

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