“BOTELI CUP”-A friendly basketball match between staffs

Date:2018-06-06 10:04:42 click:726

In order to meet the upcoming of Party 19 and deepen the two new parties’ organizations construction activities of Oubei street, so as to enrich the staffs’ spare time, a basketball match which has its theme “ I exercise, my joy” took place on the evening of September 15th, this activity was sponsored by BOTELI VALVE GROUP and co-organized by Zhejiang Yalong educational equipment corporation, bringing together 100 staffs from 8 enterprises.

After a short ceremony that night, Team “XUANDA” and Team “BOTELI” were first to get out on the court. “No.23 from Team XUANDA has perfectly stole the ball, but he still fails to put it into the net...”  with the wonderful explanation, the atmosphere is more harmonious to the scene, the players worked harder and ran into a wall of cheers around the field by the cheerleaders.

It is said that this basketball match adopted two systems-group round robin system and cross eliminating system, the 8 teams was divided into two groups to compete with each other-Group A and Group B. This activity not only made the staffs on sports and culture life more colorful, but also their team spirit and the competitive spirit could be strengthened, it is helpful to create a good social atmosphere for the national fitness.

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