quality control

Set up a provincial technology R & D center, to assume a series of national key projects and the Torch Program projects, the establishment of advanced valve performance testing and test center, the CAD valve design center and three-dimensional simulation of manufacturing test systems, the introduction of a helium mass spectrometer checkleak detector, direct reading spectrum analyzer, the O-ring antiknock experiment, the valve curved bench, low temperature test, γ-rays, finite element analysis of the valve performance testing to ensure the quality and speed of new product development quality assurance system more scientific and comprehensive. Took the lead through the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environment system certification, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety certification, KS certification of Korean Standards Association, CE EU safety certification of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (TS) certification, American Bureau of Shipping ABS certification, and through good standardization system recognition and measurement detection system to confirm. Today, Boteli, with forged steel valves, cast valves, special valves, the three major production centers, has become one of the fastest growing, most powerful, most vibrant, most potential, the most harmonious private enterprise, Wenzhou valve leader in comprehensive strength among the forefront of the national valve industry.

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